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inburgeren Harderwijk

Civic Integration Course and Dutch language learning in Harderwijk. Are you looking for an integration school in your area? Below you will find all schools for integration and the civic integration course in Harderwijk. You can do an integration course at a school in Harderwijk. You learn the Dutch language on the civic integration course and learn about working and living in the Netherlands.

All schools for integration in Harderwijk

Entree College Nederland
Zuiderzeepad 1
3844 JV Harderwijk
Telefoon: 06 55064868

Landstede Educatie
Westeinde 31
3844 DD Harderwijk
Telefoon: 0800-0245 666

TopTaal NT2 Expert BV
Academiestraat 5
3841 ES Harderwijk
Telefoon: 088 - 3742000

Twintaal Trainingen
Westrak 66
Telefoon: 06-25590304

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Choose a school

The civic integration course in Harderwijk is not free. You have to pay for the course yourself.

The integration exam you also have to pay by yourself.

However, you can borrow money for this if you take a course at a DUO approved integration school.

You can check whether the school in Harderwijk is a recognized institute on the website of the Education Executive Agency (DUO).

Why learn Dutch language and do the civic integration course in Harderwijk

If you are subject to integration and live or work in the Harderwijk area, you can integrate with one of the schools mentioned on this website.


Learn Dutch language and the civic integration course in Harderwijk

In Harderwijk you can integrate in 2 ways. Most people do the integration exam. However, you can also integrate through the State Examination Dutch as a second language (NT2).

As you can see, there are several schools located in the vicinity of Harderwijk. Before you choose a school for civic integration, we advise you to let you know whether the school in Harderwijk has been approved by DUO, so that you can borrow money through DUO for the integration course.

Would you like to know more about civic integration, the integration course, the civic integration exam and learning Dutch in Harderwijk, visit then the website of DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs):